September 2015 - Contract signed for Oslo Project

Wasa Dredging have signed a contract for dredging and blasting of the Oslo Fairway.

"Innseiling Oslo" consists of 20+ areas of bedrock to dredge and is calculated to last for about half a year. 


September 2015 - Start of Ålesund project

 Wasa Dredging started working in Ålesund, Norway. The project consists of blasting and dredging of four areas of bedrock.


September 2015 - Project in Pietarsaari Fairway complete

Wasa Dredging has finished the project in Pietarsaari Fairway. WD removed about 970 000 m3 hard moraine, clay and sand.

WD also removed over 100 big stones and boulders during the project ranging from 5 m3 to 60 m3.

Equipment Used: Optimus, Hector, Boulder, Dana II & Miika II 940m3 barges, Laura & Jenna 700 m3 barges, Alex & Cellu 400 m3 barges.


December 2014 - Uusikaupunki project complete

Wasa Dredging has as of December 23rd completed the project in Uusikaupunki, Finland. The project included 98 000 m3 of rock blasting, 399 000 m3 of dredging of blasted rock aswell as 434 000 m3 dredged moraine. The project was completed according to schedule.



December 2014 - Contract signed for dredging of channel of Sommarøy, Norway

The project consists of underwater blasting of 40 000 m3 rock, dredging of 90 000 m3 blasted rock and dredging of 180 000 m3 soil.
The contract also includes covering of polluted soil with clean soil, the building of a rock bank for storing of contaminated masses aswell as dredging of contanimated masses and relocation of these into a storage depo.
Client : Kystverket


Pietarsaari Harbour completed

The project in Pietarsaari Harbour is now completed as of fall 2014.


June 2014 - First job for backhoe dregder "Optimus" in Pietarsaari, Finland

Newly built backhoe dredger "Optimus" has started working in Pietarsaari Harbour.


February 2014 - Wasa Dredging on Facebook

Wasa Dredging now have an official Facebook page. You can find the page by following the link:


September 2013 - Drill tower is mounted on "Hector"

 In September 2013 "Hector" is doing a modification in order to be able to mount a drilling tower on deck. The work is estimated to be ready in the middle of October 2013.


August 2013 - Contract signed for dredging of channel of Karmsund, Norway

 The work consists of underwater blasting of 105 000 m3 rock and dredging of 250 000 m3 blasted rock. It also will include filling of new land for the harbour. 

Client: Kystverket


August 2013 - Contract signed for Uusikaupunki Access Channel and Yara Port, Finland

 The work consists of 41 000 m2 underwater blasting, dredging of 90 000 m3 bedrock and 434 000 m3 moraine. Design depth is from - 13,0 m to 14,5 m.

Client: Liikennevirasto

Wasa Dredging is main contractor.

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July 2013 - Contract was signed for new building "BHD 18000"

 Development started for a new Backhoedredger, model "BHD 18000".

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Job opportunities

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February 2012 – Contract signed for the removal of shallow areas of bedrock located at Åramsundet, south of Ålesund in Norway

 The project consists of 100 000 m3 bedrock underwater blasting and dredging of 240 000 m3 blasted bedrock. Design depth is -11,3 m . The bedrock will be used as filling for a future bridge construction between the islands Voksa and Kvamsöja. Two months execution time limit.

Client: Kystverket Midt-Norge.


December 2011 - Contract signed for the dredging of the swing basin at Trelleborg Harbor in Sweden

 The project consists of dredging of 617 000 m3 limestone of variable hardness. The material will be dumped at a key wall for transport to a landfill nearby. Design depth is -9,0 m. The contract also include an option of 80 000 m3 dredging for deepening of the entrance channel to the harbour. The project will start in June 2012.

Client: Jonab anläggning


November 2011 - Contract signed for the removal of bedrock out crop located at Vatlestraumen, Bergen in Norway

 The project consists of 67 000 m3 underwater blasting and dredging 130 000 m3 of blasted bedrock. Design depth is -14,3 m. The bedrock will be dumped as a part of a landfill at Kleppestö Island. The underwater road tunnel to Bjoröy are situated only 65 m from the blasting area. That will require careful planning and execution of the blasting procedure. The projhect will start in May 2012.

Client: Kystverket Nordland.


August 2011 - Completion of dredging of Mäntyluoto Harbour at Pori - Finland

 In August 2011 Wasa Dredging completed the contract for deepening Mäntyluoto Harbour in Pori, Finland. The dredging started early 2010. The Contract included dredging of 510 000 m3 hard moraine, underwater blasting of 101 000 m3 bedrock and dredging of 250 000 m3 blasted bedrock. All dredged material was lifted on to shore and placed in the reclamation area.


September 2011 – Contract signed for of dredging of Port of Pietarsaari - Finland

The project consists of dredging 563 000 m3 moraine, underwater blasting of 45 000 m2 bedrock and dredging 119 000 m3 blasted bedrock. All rock and about 180 000 m3 of moraine will be used to fill part of the new harbour area. The remain of the material will be dumped offshore about 16 km from the port.


July 2011 – First job for “Boulder” as backhoe dredger In July 2011

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June 2011 – Hitachi EX 1200 excavator is mounted on pontoon “Boulder”

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